Save time, increase profits!

  • Hearing Basics helps you educate
    your patients.
  • Informed patients choose better hearing aids.
  • Better patient choices means fewer returns.
  • Giving away Hearing Basics booklets helps attract and retain patients.

Hearing loss information for your patients

Hearing Basics is a new consumer guide that summarizes hearing loss information your patients should know. Hearing Basics explains hearing loss in plain language, allowing you to focus more of your time on each patient’s needs.

Hearing Basics is essential for a successful consultation.


Hearing Basics familiarizes the reader in clear language and illustrations with the bewildering array of types of hearing aids, their pros and cons, the testing necessary before choosing and adapting a new hearing aid, along with the fundamentals of hearing.

Hearing Training ensures that new hearing aid buyers will enter into the transaction properly prepared, i.e. ready to undergo the training to learn anew the meaning of sounds and how to move and act in the long forgotten environment of sounds.

Guia de la Audición is the Spanish version of Hearing Basics.


How much time do you spend educating your patients on hearing loss? How effective is that education?

Hearing Basics removes the barrier of the office environment, allowing your patients to learn about hearing loss at home.

The Hearing Basics booklet is an effective way to increase the knowledge and buying power of your current customer base ...

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