The booklets are available in two cover versions, classic and custom.

Classic Cover

Put your own custom label inside the booklet or on the back cover where everyone will see it. Your office will be the first one considered when patients of an ENT decide to purchase hearing aids and your office will be the first one they recommend.

See the Classic Covers below. Click on an image for a bigger version.

Hearing Basics, outside cover Hearing Basics
Hearing Training, outside cover Hearing Training
Guía de la Audición, outside cover Guía de la Audición

Custom Cover

Increase your credibility and professionalism by making this book your own. Our designers can customize the front, back, and inside covers of this book with your own logo and information. Patients will see that you are interested in educating them about their options.

» See our Custom Cover Information [PDF, 28KB]

See some Custom Covers below. Click on an image for a bigger version.

Vanderbilt, outside cover
Vanderbilt, inside cover
Hearbright, outside cover
Hearbright, inside cover
ENT of Wisconsin, outside cover
ENT of Wisconsin, inside cover
Associated Audio, outside cover
Associated Audio, inside cover
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